How to make 'View' tab to appear in light table

Just asking a quick question. I am sure there used to be a tab called ‘View’ at the top left of the light table, where you could select options such as ‘rejected only’ etc. It was really useful.
Does anybody know what I might have done to make it disappear, and how I could get it to come back. I have tried looking in all sorts of things, before resorting to posting here. Many thanks.

I may be on the wrong track but I think you should be able to find it under collection filters, then ‘pin’ it so it shows up at the top.

And if it’s not there, you can create it as a new rule…

That seems to work thanks! I am sure there was another box there - you have it at the top right of your screenshot where it says ‘all images’.

That particular one is ‘grouping’… also pinned on my screenshot.

I’m not sure what you get ‘out of the box’ up there, tbh.

Thanks, yes I can do what I need to do with your suggestion, so I can stop fussing!

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No fussing that I noticed. :slight_smile: I know it’s annoying when something disappears…

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I believe this is a change brought into DT a while ago after some discussion. So hopefully it is all for the better. The filtering options work really well and it is easy to select based on ratings, file extensions, names etc.


OK that makes sense. What I thought was there a few weeks ago was really a few years ago! Now I just need to go and look for my keys before I can go to work…

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