How to manipulate Fattal or do I need to change my workflow?

At this moment it literally takes me hours to generate a HDR from RAW/NEF. Not because the output is only bad but because I am going for perfect instead of ok.

The biggest problem is generating the TIFF’s from RAW/NEF that will be fed into Luminance HDR. I have no clue where to focus on thus apply basic settings like color profile, sharpening, noise reduction and then just start trying.

So let’s say I fed the TIFF’s into Luminance HDR and I see in the Fattal operator that I want more contrast. What do I need to edit in RawTherapee for that? The answer is not to give the 3 input files more contrast.

And in general: What’s the way to go? Apply same settings to all 3 input files? Or focus on generating a certain histogram? Or something else?

As HDR Tonemapping in RT is Fattal, you could combine your raws using HdrMerge, feed the output into RT and process it there. That could make the processing easier.

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Although I use darktable the process should be similar.

Process all input images the same. Do as little pre-processing on them as you can - denoise, lens correction, linear tone curve. Don’t do any sharpening or contrast tweaks. Export to 16 bit TIFF and import into LuminanceHDR, then tonemap and save as 16-bit TIFF. Bring the tonemapped image back into RT to do any further post-processing.

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I failed to produce super nice results like I used to in Luminance HDR.

I get only flat results when not doing pre-processing.
Ah and when editing in RT afterwards it seem ‘too late’ to restore.

I’m not understanding something which you may explain: LuminanceHDR reads raws directly, why are you pre-converting them to TIFF?

So far, I am getting much better results with some pre-processing. The pre-processing isn’t much, but it’s very hard to find the best working settings though. That’s why I hate the method but love the result.