How to manually calibrate laptop screen without a colorimeter?

I use a laptop to edit my photos and I don’t have anything else in terms of reference, but my phone, which is itself imperfect. Sometimes I’m not sure I’m seeing the right colors on my screen. WB seems off… kind of red. Sometimes I think it’s just my aging eyes…

I hate to be that guy, but Windows did have it’s native screen calibration tool since almost forever.

Is there something like that for Linux, where I can move color sliders around and calibrate my screen by sight? I don’t have a colorimeter and can’t justify buying one anytime soon, so things like DisplayCal are not an option sadly. At least not that I was able to find, in terms of manual adjustments.

Might there be a colorimeter app for your phone?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Its really a crapshoot if you don’t get a color meter. Check eBay! They can be had for cheap. Or post to other social media and ask to borrow one. Or hit up your local photography club.

There are, but I imagine this introduces a whole new set of complications… like how ambient color temperature will affect what the camera on the phone sees of the screen…

just get a colorimeter, they aren’t expensive
the only alternative that I can think of is getting a profile form the laptop’s or screen’s manufacturer. not sure there is even one though.

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I really do not recommend calibrating by sight.

Bring your laptop to the next FLOSS meeting. Or let us know which city you’re in, should someone be travelling thereabout.


Are you referring to the gamma adjustment screen with a box inside a box? Sure you can do gamma adjustment in any operating system, and you can find the reference images on the internet.

That and the screens where you could adjust reds, greens and blues.

Oh, and I live in Arad, Romania, I don’t imagine there are any FLOSS meetings nearby here.

I prefer it to not at all.

btw, this is supposed to be a joke but I’d rather not eat for one week than not calibrate. you know, serious joke :wink:

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The red, green and blue adjustments are gamma too.

Example from KDE:

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The irony of me saying that. Eh, @patdavid?

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I saw this in my system settings. Am I understanding this correctly? Did the Pop!_OS team include a precalibrated screen profile for my specific laptop screen? If so, why are there two of them?

Some DEs automatically generate a profile for your screen. I am not sure though how they generate it. Either they get it form hardware data or form the internet.
Anyway that’s normal. Other Linuxes do that too.