How to manually import camera support from dev to stable

I have recently bought myself a Panasonic S5, but the stable version 5.8 doesn’t support it yet. Everything is off when I try to open it in 5.8. I have downloaded the dev build and found out that it works perfectly there.
So my question is, how can I manually import S5 support to the stable version. I have tried to copy the folder “dcpprofiles” into the 5.8 and it solved some color issues, but its still horrible. What else am I missing?

As long as there has not been a real code change, you can try to copy over the camconst.json file.

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Thanks. Sadly it has actually gotten worse and it reverted the colors back to the messed up state. I’ll probably use the dev build for now, unless someone has an idea whats actually happening.

Why not use dev?

I have many reasons that might sound trivial to you, but when I edit for 8 hours a day they start getting on my nerves. The dev build crashes more frequently, I can’t open rawtherapee by right clicking my image in the file explorer, this is disrupting my workflow a lot. I dont care for the new features (yet), I just want to speed up my work and have a stable version support my S5. Thats why I am still looking for a way to import it any way possible.

Did you try to copy comconst.json to your stable build? That would be how you’d get the support.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t necessarily mean support if there were also code changes needed. We’ve had those, e.g. to allow 16 bit support or other decoding matters.

I understand the frustration. However, from own experience and reports over the last year from users the dev build is not crashing more often than the latest release (and crashes should be few in any case…).
Opening by right clicking from explorer is something that is easily changed in your OS (do a Google). Alternatively, just overwrite the files in the installation folder for 5.8 with the files from dev. That should give no side effects afaik.

has the location of camconst.json changed from RawTherapee on a Linux machine? Is it now: /usr/share/rawtherapee/? And where can I find the newer camcost.json of a dev…APP image version?

The location is unchanged. You should find the file in the main folder alongside the executable file, wherever you installed the application.

there is an article in File Paths - RawPedia where the path is different: ~/.config/that confused me.
Well, from the regularly installed RawTherapee I find this camconst.json in /usr/share/rawtherapee/.
But where is it located in the current APP…image from RawTherapee?
I thank you in advance

In case of an appimage this file is part of the appimage itself and as a result you cannot edit it (you can edit it, but edits are lost once you stop RT).

Start your RT appimage, start a terminal and cd into:


An appimage is temporary mounted when you start it.

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thank you. Your specifications have overwhelmed me quite a bit. I’ve only been doing Linux for a year. But I found those and put them in the install version folder of RT (using thunar root). Now Canon cr3 are also recognized. Quality: unfortunately completely unusable, image almost black. Before they were only white. Never mind. Because I don’t have the Canon EOS R5 (yet).
But anyway, I have the found, but unfortunately it doesn’t really help my RT 5.8.
Nevertheless many thanks.

I wasn’t entirely sure what it was/is that you wanted to do but you can do the following if you do need to edit camconst.json:

The RT appimage created a directory in ~/.config called RawTherapee.

You can copy the version that came with the appimage to that directory:

cp /tmp/.mount_Raw<randomstuf>/usr/camconst.json ~/.config/RawTherapee/

The version in ~/.config/RawTherapee/ can now be edited and will stay available.

You’ll need more than the json file for CR3 support… Needs an exiv2 update and libraw as well probably.


how and where can you find them?
Or maybe asked something else: Do you know how long it will take until RT supports the more recent cameras in its stable version?

it’s all a bit too much for me as a newbie. My desire is to find a way for RT version 5.8 on my computer to support the newer cameras: Canon EOS R6 or Panasonic S5. A camera that does not support RT would be out of the question for me. The dev version does not support them perfectly but at least “somewhat”. In the forum I read, you just have to change the camconst.json transfer. Is that so?
So my concern: Can RT 5.8 develop the raw photos of these cameras with some tricks? I don’t want to edit them, I can’t do that at all.

Like I said before, support for those cameras required code changes. You cannot get this to work in the release version 5.8, you need a development build.

Edit: please try the dev AppImage from here Release Automated Builds · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub. They’re a bit out of date, but should give you much better support for the R6 and S5.

do you mean this one?

That’s the one!

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