How to move object after pasting it?

Hi everyone, I am new to GIMP.

When I try to copy a piece of photo (select an area of a Photo A) to another photo, I find that I can only move it once. After that the piece is merged to the layer automatically.

In my old software PhotoImpact X3 (discontinued), I can move the “piece” and merge them in finish state.

I would like to know how to achieve it. Thank you.

Hi @testcb00 and welcome!

What if you paste the selection onto
a layer of its own?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

As mentioned by @Claes while I was making a short video :smile:

Short answer: After pasting an object it is part of a “floating selection”. To prevent merging, go to > Layer > ToNewLayer or Shift+Ctrl+N.

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Ah, yes, that could also be what OP runs into. Good to mention this one!

Thank you for your effort, Jade.
The below video is what I want to achieve.
Upload Failed.

  1. Copy a part of an image.
  2. Paste to another image.
  3. Move the part of a image but not merged it. I can move the image after I paste another “part of image”.

You can use the same technique as shown in my previous video.

Instead of doing the copy to new layer once, you do it X times, which will create X layers you can deal with individual (move, transform etc etc):

Jade, I would like to know if you can still move the first/second/third “potato” after you finish the moving of all three “potato”.

I found that I cannot move the “potato” after I pasted as new layer.

Besides, I would like to know the supported video format in this forum. I use ShareX (H.265, 60 fps) but the system does not support it.


Select the layer you want/need to work on and do whatever it is you want/need to do.

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mkv and mp4 (H.264) will work, but I was able to download your video (using the Video Downloadhelper plugin) and have a look at it.

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Thank you. I forget to change back to move tool. Now I can move the “potato”.

Also I change the below function to Ctrl + V so that I can work like my old platform.

Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts


New Layer (edit-paste-as-new-layer)

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome :grinning:

BTW: Did you have a look at Thomas’ reply? Because the following:

  • Make a selection
  • Use ctrl-c to copy
  • go to the other image
  • Use ctrl-v to paste
  • use ctrl-shft-n to put float into new layer
  • repeat last 2 steps if needed

might be faster to do (some of the steps in my example video do not have shortcuts assigned to them).

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I have tried and the result should be same as changing the shortcut (edit-paste-as-new-layer).