How to open a raw file with UFRaw as a plug-in


I am a non-techie with a question I hope you can, and are willing, to answer for me.

I have only ever used Picasa as a photo editor so you see how naive I am.

I have recently downloaded Gimp, but it won’t open raw files so I downloaded UFRaw as a way to open raw files so I can edit them in Gimp.

I cant get UFRaw to operate as a plug-in with Gimp, but I can open photo files just using UFRaw.

Im am using a Laptop PC with windows 10. I did watch a You Tube on how to install Plug-Ins into Gimp and it seemed I got the folder in the right location.

Bottom line is I would like to open the raw files from my camera, SonyRx4M, and edit them in Gimp.

I do struggle to understand some the technical language.

Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

jerry pruett

Ufraw is old as hell, please do not even consider it for anything serious. RawTherapee, ART and darktable all have plugins to shuttle files from one to the other if you’re adamant on using GIMP for editing.
The better option, however, would be to getting used to working with one of those pieces of software as they are dedicated raw image editors.


I agree with @Thanatomanic . Having been a huge fan of Ufraw for a very long time, even having written a right-click service script for it many years ago (ufrb-kde), I now have to consider it obsolete and I have fully transitioned to Darktable years ago. Even Nufraw, an updated fork of Ufraw, has had a last update almost 2 years ago.

Install Darktable or Rawtherapee. How you do that on Windows is a bit beyond me as I have not used that OS for a very, very long time but I’m sure some helpful people will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Both Darktable and Rawtherapee are large comprehensive applications, that can seem as though they are taking over your computer. Sometimes a bit lighter plugin is useful.

You need the later nufraw plugin and a version that works with Gimp 2.10.x . The Gimp dev’s introduced code that requires corresponding code in the plugin, hence old version of ufraw not working with Gimp

You can get an updated (but still old) nufraw plugin from here: nufraw for Windows and Gimp 2.10 (64 bit)

When installed, check that it is enabled in Edit → Preferences → Image Import&Export

I have tried it with a Sony .arw file - opens ok, but no guarantee that it works with more recent RAW file formats.

Example using Win10 / Gimp 2/10/32 30 seconds

One unexpected consequence is Gimp no longer opens SVG files. If/when you need that, then disable by renaming the nufraw folder (say, nufraw → nufraw-off)

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. This is helpful and gives me some direction.

For me, image processing and image editing are two very seperate things. To use a rough analogy: processing an image is a bit like building a house; editing an image, on the other hand, is more like decorating it. RawTherapee is my ‘builder,’ whereas GIMP is my ‘decorator’ (if that makes any sense to anyone whatsoever :smile:).


Yes. Thank you.