How to operate darktable sliders with keyboard?

I have long been using rawtherapee but I am curious about darktable. But I stumble right when I try to process my first image: I cannot figure out how to move the plugin sliders except by dragging the mouse. I am very bad with the mouse; it is almost impossible for me to get to precisely the right value by dragging. In rawtherapee I can give the input focus to the numerical field next to the slider and then either use the cursor keys to go up/down with the value or simply type in the value that I think will work, but this doesn’t seem to work in darktable, and nothing else does, either, at least nothing that’s obvious to me. Please help, so I can satisfy my curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:

Do one of the following:

  • hover your mouse cursor over the slider and use the scroll wheel
  • right click the slider and move your mouse left or right
  • right click and use your keyboard to enter a numeric value

I would add that the mouse wheel accept modifiers so you can make bigger and smaller adjustments

  • right click the slider and use the < > (arrow keys)

That is my preferred way when on a notebook.

Hold CTRL when you scroll for smaller adjustments SHIFT for larger adjustments.


On Windows at least

hover mouse cursor over the slider and use the < > keys

On Windows < > keys do not work after right clicking as mentioned @st.raw above