How to prevent unintended changes of other sliders when holding LMB

When grabbing a slider and holding down the left mouse button, the input is not constrained to that slider. If I accidentally hover over the slider below or above, these settings are also changed. I’m more used to the behaviour that when clicking and holding a slider, only that slider is affected. This makes editing while watching the photo instead of the slider really hard without making some unwanted changes. Is there a way to prevent this behaviour?

Just hover and move the mouse wheel. Less clicking.

You mean you click on a slider and, while keeping the left button held, hover another control and change that as well? I don’t see that issue on current master so perhaps it’s OS-specific. Maybe worth raising an issue because this shouldn’t be happening

This is exactly how DT works for me. Or am I missing something?

Tested Win11 and Tumbleweed KDE.

I have observed the same behavior on my MacBook (macOS 12.4) with dt 3.8.1 using the trackpad. If while depressing the trackpad with one finger (left click hold) and sliding a slider, I cross the halfway mark between sliders above or below the input will change to the adjacent slider. Dragging a single finger to move the pointer and clicking with a single finger works fine in dt otherwise. This does not occur using a mouse. MStratten has told me gtk and macOS have fundamental incompatibilities so not push for a fix, I just use the mouse. This is just another data point, I don’t know details of how the trackpad actions appear to gtk. Just started using dt and very impressed with the approach.

I agree no sign of this on Win11 system that I run…OP did not mention what OS they are using??

This is indeed on OSX monterey on an m1 mac. It happens with the mouse as well here.

Yes… I am on OSX monterey so maybe os specific. I’ll try to raise a ticket!

Tested some more. It does not happen on windows 10 here.
On OSX, it is reproducable. It does not happen always, but if you grab the slider, stop the mouse for a second, then move it to the other sliders, they move too.
Made a screen recording: Dropbox - darktable - Simplify your life

Raised issue: Unintended slider adjustment when grabbing a slider and hovering over other sliders on OSX · Issue #12061 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

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