How to process images for a mosaic?


I have many images from dslr which I have converted with the preprocessing scripts. The images are a part of a mosaic which I will stich later.

I need to stretch, adjust background and color the images. I can easy do this from the menu when I open just one picture.

How can I apply the commands found under Image Processing to all of my images?

Thanks for tips!

The mtf command could be useful to you, it’s the equivalent of histogram stretching. It can be done on a sequence too. But it does not guarantee that all your images will have the same signal at the end, only that you apply the same stretching to all of them.

Maybe the linear_match command can help for this use too, I’m not sure.

Other tools from the Image processing menu have not been made available as commands.

It looks like very handy functions.
Could you please give example on how to use them?

When I write this in the “Command line”:

linear_match 0.0 0.5

all I get is a grey screen. I have AutoStretch activated. Images are 30sec exposure of dark sky and are full of stars.

Output window say this:
00:09:56: Running command: load
00:09:56: Reading FITS: file, 3 layer(s), 5202x3464 pixels
00:10:02: Running command: linear_match
00:10:02: Reading FITS: file, 3 layer(s), 5202x3464 pixels
00:10:02: Linear fit functions:
00:10:03: y_0 = 3.567949e-03 + 1.560899e-03x_0 (18019728)
00:10:03: y_0 = 1.546752e-03 + 3.226380e-01
x_0 (36039456)
00:10:04: y_0 = 6.493271e-04 + 2.773089e-01*x_0 (54059184)

What does the number tell us?

When I write this:
mtf 0.0 0.01 0.5

My stars gets visible on grey background, even in Linear mode. What exactly happened here? What are the values and what range should they have to produce nice background with stars?

I think it’s the same values as in the histogram tool, so probably values of 0.07 0.15 and 1.0 are close to what fits in general, but it depends on images. The third value should always stay at 1.

I’ll have to make a few tries with load and linear match to answer the other question, unless @lock042 already has the answer?