How to process night sky shot with Nikon NEF?


I gave it a go in Filmulator just to compare the tone mapping… All I did was turn Drama up all the way, turn on Overdrive, and adjust the white clipping point.

With a more daylight-like WB, it turns out more like this:


Converted by the dcraw -h -T *2391.NEF super-pixel command and processed with the RT locallab-dev tool.

DSC_2391-5.jpg.out.pp3 (13.0 KB)


I was just playing around with the file 4 a bit, didn’t even think in uploading as the edit was not done with FOSS, but on the other hand 'cause of the grey’s scale, 'cause of the unknown not talking about ourselves and more importantly 'cause I also wanted to say it’s a lovely picture =) Cheers

(Alberto) #24

oh well… here’s mine then! :slight_smile: (and I agree, very nice!)

DSC_2391.NEF.pp3 (10.6 KB)