How to pronounce G'MIC when you speak about it

I just saw a tutorial on YT, and the guy pronounce it G. M. I.C. (he pronounced each letter)
Some people call it G. mic

I saw many people which sounds struggling when they say g’mic in one word.

And myself, I call it gimmick because it’s very easy to pronounce when I speak and also it’s full of very-nice gimmicks :innocent: ( define gimmick - Google Suche ) and G’MIC-Qt i call it gimmick-cute… :no_mouth:

At the end of the day, Do you know how to pronounce G’MIC when you speak?


I’d say “pronounce it as you like”, all variants are fine :slight_smile:

Personnally, I call it also gimmick because:

  • I’m French and I believe it’s more natural to say like this in French (but not even sure).
  • Gimmick is a term sometimes used in magick, and G’MIC is “GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing” (that’s why gmicky the mascot by David Revoy is a magician).

Thank you @David_Tschumperle , that’s what I was thinking and calling it “gimmick” comes also naturally for me (may be because I’m French as well)

Again thank you David, to clarify a decade of doubts :laughing:

I didn’t clarify anything. I Just told about myself. Maybe we should create a poll to know the universal answer (well, we already know, it’s 42…).

EDIT: Here we go :slight_smile: Poll : About the pronunciation of G'MIC

Sort of like the Australian greeting phrase

Addendum: Oh how I envy British headline writers.
When they published an article about a thesis, dealing with
Australian greeting phrases, they named it Fifty shades of g’day.


Ah, me. I’m working on how to pronounce ‘Tschumperlé’…

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For me it has always been geemick and no poll in the world is going to change that! :wink:

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I say it as g mick.

Oh, that’s dead easy: it’s orthographic!

You might have done it

because whatever how we pronounce it, now we know we won’t be wrong :ok_hand: :wink: