Poll : About the pronunciation of G'MIC

How would you pronounce G’MIC?
  • G. Mic (g mīk)
  • Gimmick (ˈɡimik)
  • G. M. I. C
  • Other (comment)

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To myself, I say it like the first choice, except with a short 'i" instead of long, i.e., g mick.


I pronounce it as in gimik. I do look at the ' in G’MIC.

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/Gimmick/, and ‘clang’ is pronounced /klang/ as in klangfarbenmelodie.

I, a·f·r·e, pronounce it as G·M·I·C because that is what I type into the C·L·I. gimmick may be easier to say but I dislike the negative connotations.

Thanks @David_Tschumperle* and friends for G’MIC.

* To me, David is also known as

PS I don’t consider myself more important than @Tim



I pronounce it the Klingon way, with the /x/ (?, my IPA is out of date) from “gagh” :slight_smile:

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Indeed, every time I see G'MIC, I think of the law of alien names and punctuation shaker tropes. I should really get around to renaming my handle to a-f're.

gə 'mɪk (guh MICK), like GNU in GNU/Linux where the hard G is pronounced.

I know it may be wrong, but in my head, I’ve always seen G’MIC as giimmick. lololol

G-MIC is fine, too, but I’ll stick with mentally pronouncing it gimmick. To each his or her own. :slight_smile:

My eyes tell me to think guh-MICK.

rInpa’ neH vIghoS


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Ha, the only Klingon word I remember from ST:TNG is QaPla’ :slight_smile:

I used to pronounce it GEE-MICK until I started hanging out with you in person and heard you say Guh-MICK. :wink:

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I forgot that G can not only be pronounced as Geee but also Guhhh. lolololol

Still, I prefier Gihhhhh. lolololololol


Gee-MICK, when speaking to others.

Cutie, when muttering to myself…

Guh sounds too much like duh, and thus I use Gee

I pronounce it Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn , of course.