How to put ICC profile into RT?

I have a ColorMunki Display. I know how to use it to calibrate my monitor (Dell U2312HM…sRGB) and get an ICC profile. But, I have no idea how to identify and put this profile into RT??? BTW, all on Windows 10. Thanks.

Does this help? I calibrated my Dell U2412M and use the icc profile as my operating systems default monitor profile.

I think I have done the opposite. I put my monitor’s icc into the default color profile field and have left the Use operating system’s main… unchecked. Would appreciate if you could tell me the difference between these two approaches. To tell you the truth, I have no idea why I did what I did…just seemed reasonable?

The difference is easy: if you set it in the monitor profile in the system settings it is used everywhere, where a display profile is used.

For a Mac it’s always a bit different, since the OS actually does the color-management stuff.
So on MacOS, if you have your profile selected in the display settings, you don’t have to do or change anything in Rawtherapee. Although maybe there are optimized settings to be made, but it’s been too long since I’ve done this stuff on Mac OS.

With Windows, you have to select the profile in the system settings (or the profiling tools do this for you), but then the application must still support it and do the work. Don’t be fooled by a color-shift if you select your profile in the system settings… that are only the gamma-ramps being applied in your GPU, the last bit of color-correcting needs to be done by the applications! (I’m looking at you, Luminar, which claims to understand color-profiles and color-correction but absolutely screws it up).

With Rawtherapee, I see in the bar at the bottom:

When you click that, I get a list of all the profiles available on my system (correct or not :P):

The ‘system default’ should show in braces after it the default profile for your display. Select it, and go work. That’s how I do it. I hope it’s not wrong :P.