How to read multiple files at once?

I’m not sure if i’m the only one hitting this wall as I couldn’t find anything related in the forums or general internet browsing.

I’m trying read multiple files at once. But, when I hit " r " in my keyboard and the file browser comes up, I’m only able to select one file at a time.

Is there a way to select multiple files at once and have all your read notes created in one go?

Thanks in advance!

Ps: Im using Natron 2.4.0 on Arch

D’ont use the “R” shortcut. Use drag’n drop instead. You can even drop a whole folder in one go if you like

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I was actually trying to find a different way from drag and drop as I don’t have a desktop environment and the ability to drag and drop is limited. And, it would be a lot better if this was possible withing the read window anyways.

I may file a feature request to see if this option can be implemented in a future release. But, for now I’ve found a program called dragon that allows me to drag and drop and it seems to work ok for now.

Thanks again

May I ask how Natron can be used without a desktop? (justccurious )

You don’t need a desktop (environment) on Linux, a window manager is enough for basic stuff. You can even run Natron strait from X11 without a window manager (not something I would recommend, but possible).

You only need X11 to run GUI applications like Natron.
In my case, Im setup like Rodlie describes and Im running suckless DWM as my window manager.

Using Awesome WM and KDE’s Dolphin seems to make drag-and-drop work, at least on the official binaries. I don’t know why this is the case, maybe because both applications are Qt-based?

DND is standardized accross Xorg desktops: XDND