How to Remove Red Casts from Old Photos?

I try to remove red casts from old photos from the eighties with Rawtherapee.
What is the best and easiest approach? I ’ ve got 100 photos which like the attacched one. I tried: White Balance & Channel Mixer & LAB: HSL Curves but notthing produced acceptable results.

Has anybody a good profile? I am not looking for the 100% solution, just 90% is good enough…

The attached photo is free of any rights an can be used.

REPROS_Kinderaufnahmen_Frank_1980-1985_3917.jpg.out.pp3 (12.9 KB) REPROS_Kinderaufnahmen_Frank_1980-1985_3917.ARW (23.8 MB)

Good old RGB Curves + Vibrance to the rescue! In my experience it’s about the only thing to do when your original colors have faded this much.

Side note: you either have some terrible lens distortion going on, or both your background paper and your photograph are heavily curved. If you’re serious about restoration/archiving, please invest in some non-reflective glass or plastic to cover your photo before taking your shots.

REPROS_Kinderaufnahmen_Frank_1980-1985_3917.jpg.out.pp3 (12.9 KB)


@afre Why did you remove your nice B&W rendition? The title of the OP is “how to remove red casts”, you did exactly that, no? :wink:

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Stupid idea: If you would shoot some calibration target, it would accumulate the same effects over time. If you would calibrate with that bad target shot then, wouldn’t that provide the correction you need?
Of course nobody did it at that time, and materials very a lot…

One easy approach is the r+g+b curves with the lockable color picker.

Start with white balance and exposure, then use the color picker to sample neutral colors

Final result
REPROS_Kinderaufnahmen_Frank_1980-1985_3917.ARW.pp3 (14.4 KB)

With stretched contrast in gimp

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