How to remove the cloudiness in rawtherapee

I took this and some other photos a few years ago and hopefully now would have realized that they were exposed badly. Any ideas how to fix it?

img_1772.cr2 (7.2 MB)

Try Haze Removal (Luminance only) and Local contrast modules in the Details tab.

As mentioned by Shreedhar, haze removal is a good start. Although using the luminance only settings will not get you that far in this case.

Assuming you use RT 5.8, load and have a look at this pp3:

img_1772.pp3 (13.6 KB)

It is a rather quick edit, but I do believe it will give you some ideas how to get a good/better result. Haze removal, colour toning and a film-like tone curve are at its core.

If you do use the development version you have another great option: Local Adjustments tab. You can target specific areas in a much easier way and do many, many things with those.

EDIT: I Fixed the pp3 link.

Thank you both. @Jade_NL I clicked on that link but I just got this web page am I doing something wrong?


I fixed the link.

Thank you so much, that made all the photos better - not as good as they could have been if I were a better photographer but a great improvement. Thank you very much

You’re welcome :smile:

I do hope you realize that this is just a base to start from. I did not do a full blown edit, just the bare basics with only your cloudiness issue in mind.

If it were your image, what else might you try? I am really awful at editing these type of photos.

img_1772.jpg.out.pp3 (14.3 KB)



You could make this thread a “play raw” and you will get a lot of different suggestions how to edit this kind of image.


@heckflosse thanks that is even better. I still use .pp3 that you gave me before for insects

Thank you I think I have done that now.

For a play raw you need to add a license for your raw. Have a look at other playraws how to do that.

You have also add a free license to the photo.

Here my try in darktable 3.4. It’s not edited in rawtherapee but it may give you ideas were to go.

img_1772.cr2.xmp (8.0 KB)

Thanks for that, I will try to do that. Although I have to put one of the models to bed now.

In darktable can I use a .xmp file as a model to process?

Thank you all apologies if I take some time to reply.

Here’s a more elaborate edit: cloudiness.issue.pp3 (13.5 KB)

I’m going to have a peek at @heckflosse’s edit now :wink:

EDIT: That is a nice edit, lot less red then mine :+1:

The usual one, using poor_man_dehaze branch :wink:

In case of low or very low contrast photo, your black point compensation is a winning trick.

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Though I wouldn’t call it a trick…