How to remove the vignette? Lens Correction?


I’m struggling to correct this but with no luck :frowning:

I’ve tried with all the sets (lights, darks, flats, bias), and with only lights. This thing is not going anywhere…

Also tried first to load the RAW files to PS, perform a lens correction, export to tiff and then again in Siril. No luck either…

Is there any tool that can help me with that?

PS. The pictures were taken with a Canon77D and Canon 55-250mm (135mm exactly)


In astrophotography, the only way to remove vignetting is to divide by a flat field image.
But this image must be done right after the session using the same optical path.
If your focale changed just a little, no way to shoot a correct flat field.

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Sorry but I forgot to upload the a picture before :innocent:

I’ve already tried it but I can’t see any change

Yes but maybe your flat is not correct.
It is not that easy, especially with zoom lenses.

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Thank you,

I’ll certainly retry it from scratch, cause it’s really drive me crazy. I can’t proceed with the post with that there