How to rename duplicate darktable sidecars in digiKam


I’m using digiKam, darktable and (seldomly) RawTherapee. Renaming files in digiKam is straightforward as long as you stay in clear standard patterns. Let’s say my file is named filename.dng and it has one sidecar named filename.dng.xmp (used by darktable and digiKam) and another one named filename.dng.pp3 (used by RawTherapee), all three files get renamed accordingly when I rename the image file. It would also be possible to automatically rename and as long as all these exotic suffixes would be set in Settings/Metadata/Sidecars/Additional sidecar file extensions like so: pp3 foo bar or pp3;foo;bar.

Now let’s enter the more adventurous sector of darktable duplicates: virtual copies of an image, stored as multiple sidecars named filename_01.dng.xmp, filename_02.dng.xmp, filename_03.dng.xmp etc. Is it possible to encourage digikam to rename these files too? Maybe with Regex patterns?