How to show SlideShow settings (digiKam 7.0.0) ?

Hi everyone.

I’m using digiKam 7.0.0. Looks that there was a change in SlideShow settings:

The SlideShow tool is now ported as a plugin for digiKam and Showfoto and we introduce a new settings to play images in shuffle mode. The SlideShow tool settings has moved from the application config pannel to a dialog hosted by the plugin. This let’s you change settings on the fly while the tool is working.

I clicked settings button when slideshow was on and unchecked “show progress indicator” to temporary disable button while watching photos. Now I cannot find a way to show it again.
Anyone know how to again enable it?

An some related question: Is it possible to quickly show and hide this buttons. I really don’t want to see them most of the time when watching photos in full screen.

ok, I found it…
pressed F1 to get help, and then learned you can press F2 to show settings…

There is no easy shortcut to hide these buttons though (just F4 to show/hide properties)