How to specify JPEG save output path


Filmulator is shaping up nicely, and I am looking to use it for some (low stakes right now) production work where agility is favored over brute force.

My question is, right now the saved JPEG files just go into the same directory as where the fresh imports sit. I’d like to be able to export to a different or new directory, such as making a folder with the event title and putting all the new JPEGs there. If this is currently possible and I don’t know how to do it (I couldn’t seem to find any obvious way in the GUI) then I’d like to be enlightened… otherwise, will this feature implemented soon?

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In the next version (I’m working on implementing noise reduction) I’ll have that feature.


Sweet! Thank you for your speedy reply :-). Any idea of an ETA on that? The JPEG save, not the (I’m guessing more difficult to do) noise reduction.

Honestly I’m not sure.

A good save dialog is going to take a decent amount of thinking to make sure it covers enough use-cases without being clunky.

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