How to squish an irregular object against a white background in Natron

I want to revisit and reinterpret a video piece I created 19 years ago which basically consists of an irregularly shaped image being squished flat repeatedly in a two-second loop against a white background. Here is the original. I originally created it in Macromedia Director, and I know that I could easily redo it in After Effects if I had access to a copy, but I’m finding myself absolutely stuck when it comes to doing it in Natron. Can anyone help me?

Can you post your project file?

If you’re having general trouble learning Natron Rita Geraghty has a great playlist of tutorials here

Here’s a simple node setup you can use.

Right-click on the Scale property to set a key


Then, when you change the Y Scale and move along the timeline it’ll animate the change.

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Thank you very much for your help. It’s a lot clearer to me now.

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