How to tell Digikam I want raw files opened with Darktable?

I can’t seem to find that option anywhere. If I try “Open with > Other” Darktable isn’t there. Preferences doesn’t seem to have any option either.

Any hints appreciated.
Pop! OS

How did you install these apps? Snap, flatpak or deb

Flatpak via Pop Shop.

edit: I know Digikam was flatpak. I think Darktable was too but I’m not sure.

You’ll need to use the flaypak-spawn command to launch apps outside the flatpak’s sandbox.

For digikam to launch darktable, something like flatpak-spawn flatpak run org.darktable.Darktable <file name>

How about if I remove Digikam and Darktable and re-install them via apt install?

I confirmed I installed both with Pop Store so why don’t they talk to each other?

I tried installing flatseal and toggled several switches but before I went further my Framework laptop completely crashed. No power no nothing. I’m going to take it apart and confirm the track pad cable hasn’t come loose.

Flatpaks are sandboxed.

OK thanks, I’ll have to put it all aside until I can get my laptop running again.