How to trad ORF and ORI files of HI-RES Olympus- OM SYSTEM with RAwtherappe.?

how we can do to “developp” raw files from HI-RES mode from Olympus, is this possible with Rawtherapee ?


Maybe we should know what camera and which version of RawTherapee you are using.

Just tried two ORF from dpreview, shot with an OM-5 using RT 5.9-206. For some (to me) unknown reason I had to lift exposure by almost 5 EV. Both the normal and the 50 megapixel files loaded flawlessly

OM-5 but also OM-1 mark II, RAWTHERAPEE 5.9 under Linux; i have no problem with normal ORF files but with HI-RES mode it is not working, i have to use the OM-SYSTEM software …

In fact it seems that i can’t open any ORF file from the OM-5; no problem with OM-10 and OM1-MKII; it’s seems that Rawtherapee 5.9 don’t work at all with the OM-5 …HI-RES or not …
if i use DARKTABLE, no problem …

Did you update RT to one of the latest dev builds?

no i can try …

test done; so with the last build version i can see at least something very dark; i can correct but the colors are very bad, nothing i can compare to that i can do if the orf files come from om-10 or om1-markii

ART is working with OM-5 ORF files

OM-5 support is pending. OM Digital Solutions OM-5 camconst #6699 by Beep6581 · Pull Request #6703 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub


I have EM-5 Mk2 and use standart rawtherapee 5.9 on Windows 10.
Both ORF and ORI (Hi-Res) files open without problem.

yes, thanks for the return but i think that it should not be the same dev … under Linux Mint impossible to use it …

Om10, om1 MK2

I think I missed a few camera releases or you are making up model numbers ?

OM10, OM1 MK2 work; OM5 don’t work

Yes, I think also that there has been a small mixup of olympus models.
There are only OM-1 and OM-5 from OM systems - no Mk2.
Before that there was Olympus lineup that was called differently - E-M1, E-M5 and E-M10 and all the revisions with MkII, MkIII

Yes, it is no more Olympus but OM - SYSTEM and the om5 mkII is different from the OM5 OM -SYSTEM

Small point, but I think you mean OM-D EM5 mkII (old model) and OM-5 (new model)?

AFAIK all the old ones are EM-# and the new ones are OM-#