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RT 5.6 appimage

I have set the crop area to image 5x7. Now I’d like to resize so that the maximum height is 768px. My laptop screen is 1366 x 768.

I’d like to use the whole height of the screen (768px) and would like to have RT calculate the appropriate width.

Right now if I set the resize to 768x768 I get: 768x549.

Do I need to pull the calculator each time?




What you need is to use the “Bounding box” in the resize tool. It specifies a box that the final picture needs to fit in (but not necessarily fill). So, if you specify the bounding box as 10000x768, you’re sure that the height will be 768, and the width will be calculated automatically.

See the docs here:

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Thank you



@foto You are welcome to ask questions now and then but very often the answers are waiting for you in discuss or RawPedia. Just use the search feature. :wink: If isn’t on RawPedia, let the devs know and they might consider adding the info. :wink::+1:

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Assuming you’re aiming for a desktop background: why bother resizing from RT? Your OS should be perfectly capable to make sure the image fits your desktop. You only need to have the aspect ratio right. Or am I missing something?


I often process my images for screen viewing, and always resize to fit the monitor. It saves a lot of storage space, and besides I don’t trust the resizing algorithms of OSs or image viewers.


@mbs I don’t do that but that was my guess when @foto posed the question.

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Yes and no

It’s to display images that fit my screen without resize because when they are projected (kind of, actually it’s a 60" TV). It’s not the OS that does the resize but the TV. The TV converts from 720p to 1080p and when it resizes, it’s not “pretty.”

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Am sure that it’s in Rawpedia, but not in something that either I know how to find or search for. I got

It didn’t explain that I should do the size 10000x1080 to make sure that it will in in a height of 1080… So I did not understand, I saw the page but when I scanned (didn’t read every word), I didn’t see an answer to my needs.