How to use a custom profile in batch mode

Strange. I just tested in a folder with about that amount of images,
and my RT processed them all in about 3 seconds.
Sorry, I am out of good ideas…

Perhaps I have misunderstood your question?

how to copy a profile to many images for queue processing?

Could you please try to rephrase it?
What is the “start position”?
What result are you after?

Claes in Lund, Sweden

Simply put, I want to select a large number of photos and process them with a single profile without hanging up the machine.
I start in file browser and when I apply a profile, it hangs up.

Thank you.
Please pretend that I am an idiot:
You start in the file browser.
Then you apply a profile.

How do you apply a profile?

Does your profile contain any time consuming things?
Could you please share your profile?

In the very moment you apply a profile to a raw, the thumbnail gets recalculated. At the very beginning, the thumbnail is the embedded thumbnail. After any change you do, the thumbnail is adjusted as close as possible. And yes, this might be time consuming depending on what you are doing in the profile and to how many raws you apply that profile.

The batch queue is used to output your final images to a jpeg or tiff.

@ChasingShadows Yes that appears to be what is happening. I think my computer is plenty powerful enough to update the thumbnails quickly but I don’t think my 16 cpus are being utilized by RawTherapee. I would guess it’s a single cpu being used to update the thumbnails for what is a very basic white balance and saturation adjustment.

In the meantime I have also poked around and learned that RawTherapee will not preserve the EXIF data in my .CR3 files. It looks like this is a long standing issue.

That’s too bad because:
a) The file organizer I use, GThumb, appears to ignore the files without EXIF data.
b) I’m a chip designer by career and so using cli-based tools is very appealing to me.

Thank you all for your help.

BTW, you should compile and build RT on your own. If you just use the generic download version, a lot of the capabilities of your system might be ignored or better will be overseen.

I built my own and EXIF is still not available in that build.
Do I need to adjust these at all?:

The path to the repository:

repo=“GitHub - Beep6581/RawTherapee: A powerful cross-platform raw photo processing program

No touching below this line, with the exception of the “Compile” section


The name of the project’s standard branch, typically “master”:


CR3 are currently not fully supported. Other software can fully handle these raws, because they pay for the details. RT doesn’t do this for several reasons … and I think RT does right…