How to use a custom profile in batch mode


I would like to use a custom profile to process several images.

In the browser mode I select the images,
I right click to bring up "processing profile operations’
When i select Apply all I see is the bundled profiles and Neutral

Is there a way to apply my custom profiles?


Did you save your profiles somewhere? Where are your custom profiles kept?

I have them in a sub directory. The issue is RT never gives me the option to apply a custom profile, the only option I have is the Bundled and (Neutral)

I also see a Custom Profile Builder but when I click it nothing happens.

I guess i could select the image whose profile i liked, copy the profile then select all the other images and the apply the profile, I guess that works


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Or more specifically to what @Morgan_Hardwood is pointing to: File Paths - RawPedia

That will show you the directory that you’ll need to save your custom processing profiles to in order to have them appear.

Many thanks, all the information known to man exits somewhere in ether of knowledge, finding what you are looking for could take days or minutes depending on who you ask. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hey dellaaa,
When I read “batch” I always think “thru command line or terminal”,
and for applying RT profiles I find that also working fast and easy.
For Windows and Linux, the command should be something like :
rawtherapee -o filepath-of-output/ -b8 -t -p filepath-profiles/name-of-profile.pp3 -c filepath-of-input/*.dng
the above writes 8bit tifs, and loads all raw dng’s - of course with a few adjustments you can change it to input/output anything you want - find options @ Command-Line Options - RawPedia.
Written in a script, and with last script line : rawtherapee filepath-of-output/
Rawtherapee starts in the output folder when all pictures have been processed.


Many thanks that worked perfectly.

Apparently Windows 7 does not give full file control to the RT directory and I had to assign permissions in Windows before RT was allowed to save the profiles there.

I created a Custom folder under Profiles and now the Custom profiles are available along with the bundled ones.

When I update RT do these profiles get carried over or does it save the entire old RT sub directory like it did when I saved my HaldCLUT to the RT directory.

Yeah, I am a programmer and when I hear batch I think line commands.

RawTherapee does not move or clear the config folder when updating. The only variable here is whether the new build uses the same suffix.

Marc_Roovers – and others

The following (from suggestions by Marc Roovers) is extremely useful for focus stacking where 100 or more exposures might be made all with the same settings.

Make the exposures all focused slightly further away from the starting point.
I use a StackShot rail controlled by ZereneStacker but there are other ways.

Edit the first of many exposures manually with RawTherapee
Save a *.pp3 file, perhaps named as my_pp3.pp3

Create this script, perhaps named as
Make it executable with “chmod +x”

change directory to where your raw files are. …press the enter key


rawtherapee -o $pwd/ -b8 -t -p my_pp3.pp3 -c $pwd/*.NEF

Now each Nikon *.NEF raw file is converted to *.tif using the edits defined in the first manual editing session.

Now use third party software to make the stack as one final *.tif. Edit the stacked *.tif with Gimp or Photoshop. Save as jpeg.

The script above will work on Linux and/or Mac.
How would a person do the same on Windows?
Windows 10 apparently has a bash shell that can be installed.

Are Windows7 users out of luck? Is cigwin the only alternative for Win7?

I’d copy your processing profile to all applicable photos in rt’s file browser, then select all and send them to the batch queue.


I can’t figure out how to do this. I’m a new user but I did search documentation and forums for this. In the file browser I do see an “apply” function in the context menu but that obviously leads to immediate processing, so that must not be it.
Can someone please let me know how to copy a profile to many images for queue processing?

It does set the profile but not develop the raw to a jpeg. That needs to be done by adding all the raws with an assigned profile to the batch queue.

The application hangs up for several minutes when I “apply” the profile. Then when it comes back, all the thumbnail representations have been updated to appear like what I’d expect from processing the picture.
Is the hangup processing of the thumbnails? If yes there a way to turn off thumbnail updates?

@noleks Operating system?

Ubuntu Linux on AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor

…with 32GB physical memory

An odd thought: how many thumbnails are you applying the profile to?

~100 which I would not think is prohibitive.