How well do darktable and git-annex integrate?


I am running out of disk space on my mobile computer, and the industry fails to deliver 9.5 mm 3.5 in hard disks with more than 2 TB. Therefore I wonder if git-annex is the solution to get rid of all the 1 star images and keep them on the NAS only. However, since git-annex will keep links to images that would not be available while travelling, I wonder if there will be issues with darktable, when I want to keep all images generally accessible in darktable. Of course I could test with some test images, but maybe there are issues especially with large collections or other circumstances that I do not know. Therefore, I ask for any advice, help or any experience with real life use.

(Mica) #2

If you choose to use git-annex and a file is not present, you’ll have the thumbnail in darktable, but when you click to open it, it won’t find the photo.

I love git-annex and it is working well for me, but another alternative is to just to darktable’s local sync feature:

(Martin Scharnke) #3

I have a tendancy to distro-hop every now and then, and I also want the location where my photos are to be running 24/7 for backup syncing. The device I use for running darktable used to be a laptop, and is now a self-built tower which is mostly on. I have all my pics on my NAS machine. Yes, sometimes I local sync, but rarely. i find 2 GIgabit connections plugged into the same switch give me good performance.

My NAS is a Tonidoplug (think pogoplug) running Arch-Arm with a USB2 conected 2TB HDD. 15,000 RAW files. A plain-vanilla CIFS share is mounted as a subdirectory of my home folder on my processing machine.

The only caveat I have found (in addition to that which Mica raised) is that thumbnail generation is slow. I have all my thumbnails cached at 5-across zoom level, and I very seldom use a different zoom level.

your mileage may vary …