HowTo install RPD on current Gentoo (May 2022) as ebuild is still missing in repo

Hi folks,

I did have had some problems to install RPD on my uptodate gentoo machines, as I have shouted out here on the release message of 0.9.33

Here comes the solution:

For me I have replaced myenv with ~/RPD…

I still ran into a problem and got this failure:

This program requires:
python3 variant of gobject introspection
Please install them using your distribution’s standard installation tools.

Actually I asked on and finally this solution worked:

after the following step (from within Damon’s instruction, linked above):

source ~/RPD/bin/activate

I had to run (and it was just me, to use the pip and python from that venv):

~/RPD/bin/pip install pygobject

and subsequently:

~/RPD/bin/python install\(4\).py --virtual-env deactivate

Now rapid-photo-downloader lives in ~/RPD/bin and works just fine.

One have to create a link or script or set $PATH for further convenience

@damonlynch no need to write anything to it, if you like or dislike, thumbs up or down is good enough (if you read it at all). Have a swift reqovery!

Sam James (sam_) from guided me thru

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why not have a r-p-d package in gentoo instead so you can easily upgrade with your package manager?

if you volunteer to be responsible for the ebuild and get it into the repo… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have time and competence for it…

But @darix you motivated me to change the title, as you are basically right.

i have a few thousand packages for openSUSE. I am sure you can learn the ebuild stuff and maintain it yourself. it does not look that complicated.

Hi, I’m new here, I bump here trying to find a ebuild too and , now, I coming back to say that I fund this:

and these ones for the dependencies:

hopping to help some others.

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