HowTo install RPD on current Gentoo (May 2022) as ebuild is still missing in repo

Hi folks,

I did have had some problems to install RPD on my uptodate gentoo machines, as I have shouted out here on the release message of 0.9.33

Here comes the solution:

For me I have replaced myenv with ~/RPD…

I still ran into a problem and got this failure:

This program requires:
python3 variant of gobject introspection
Please install them using your distribution’s standard installation tools.

Actually I asked on and finally this solution worked:

after the following step (from within Damon’s instruction, linked above):

source ~/RPD/bin/activate

I had to run (and it was just me, to use the pip and python from that venv):

~/RPD/bin/pip install pygobject

and subsequently:

~/RPD/bin/python --virtual-env

Now rapid-photo-downloader lives in ~/RPD/bin and works just fine.

One have to create a link or script or set $PATH for further convenience

@damonlynch no need to write anything to it, if you like or dislike, thumbs up or down is good enough (if you read it at all). Have a swift reqovery!

Sam James (sam_) from guided me thru

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why not have a r-p-d package in gentoo instead so you can easily upgrade with your package manager?

if you volunteer to be responsible for the ebuild and get it into the repo… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have time and competence for it…

But @darix you motivated me to change the title, as you are basically right.

i have a few thousand packages for openSUSE. I am sure you can learn the ebuild stuff and maintain it yourself. it does not look that complicated.

Hi, I’m new here, I bump here trying to find a ebuild too and , now, I coming back to say that I fund this:

and these ones for the dependencies:

hopping to help some others.

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@AxelG Thank you, i finally got it to work but stumbled upon another problem during the installation in a virtual environment. The installer still uses setuptools from my main python install and the lowest version in portage is 62.6.0 which seems not to be compatible with the installer script that uninstalls it inside the virtual environment. After installing a lower version using pip (pip install setuptools==50.2.0) and installing pygobject as you mentioned in your post I was finally able to successfully install rpd.

Just in case someone wants to copy/paste the commands:

virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3.10 ~/RDP
source ~/RDP/bin/activate ← change into the virtual environment
python ./ ← this will remove the wrong setuptools
pip install pygobject
pip install setuptools==50.2.0
python ./ ← now it should sucessfully install rpd

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today I ran into the exact same problem and it is still not solved, as now introspection is also needed. So atm I am not able to install RPD 0.9.34 on my laptop :frowning_face:

…nice, wanna go on travel next monday…

oh… current version works again w/o virtual-env… didn’t expect that \o/