Howto skip importing jpg?

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For technical reasons with some of my cameras I shoot RAW+jpeg (jpegs are used to control the camera during timelapse thru qDslrDashboard). Later I only want to import the RAW files with RPD. Is there any chance to skip the .jpg? (I could resort acc. to extension and then unselect, but that is not really elegant :slight_smile: )

I’ve looked for this back when and couldn’t find a way to skip certain photo extensions.

RFD does support separating extensions when downloading them from the device: So, as a workaround you can copy jpegs into a specifically created dummy directory and the RAWs into the desired directory (Directory Structure Schemes). Automatically delete the content of the dummy every so often via cron.

Not ideal, but maybe a better solution then manually having to unselect dozens (if not hundreds when shooting time-lapse) images.

You are welcome to propose a new user interface enhancement that will easily allow this, because it is a nice idea. But before sharing your idea, please think hard about how to best incorporate it into the user interface so that it is as easily understood by as wide a range of people as possible, i.e. those who:

  • have never used the program before, or are very new to it
  • are advanced users like yourselves, who are already familiar with the program
  • never bother to read the instructions
  • don’t realize that different steps can be combined to achieve a desired outcome
  • are easily overwhelmed or intimidated by needless complexity

Actually in dt we have a tick-box which says “ignore jpg files”
simple as that

How do you want it reported, where?

Frankly speaking, to me that feels a bit threatening and chasing away rather than encouraging. Maybe it is just me…

I think he is holding you to the same standard he holds himself to.

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Thanks. I hadn’t seen that myself. What do other applications do? Let’s find the most elegant way of handling it, ideally doing it so that it can be applied to more than just jpeg files. The basic approach is when the user wants to filter files, which for Rapid Photo Downloader means unmarking them for download.

Sorry you feel that way. But I don’t want anyone to waste their time suggesting something they’re excited about, only for it not to get implemented because it’s not been carefully thought through.

Good UI design is hard. The UI in Rapid Photo Downloader has gone through several major changes since 2007, because it wasn’t done right the first time (or I didn’t know how to implement it in Gtk+ in versions 0.0.1–0.4.x).

Here is a painful (an no doubt very expensive) example of UI design being messed up, big time:

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No worries, I always got great support by you and I am grateful for that!

Currently my personal life is under some kind of storm, otherwise I’d be happy to support/involve

This is how it looks in dt (current master is missing it, just created an issue)

I’ve been thinking about this and although I’m not a developer, let alone a GUI designer, I would like to offer you the following to consider.

RFD supports having multiple configurations so the most logical place to implement this would be the Photo Subfolder Generation Editor which is where these configurations are made. A new section, below Job code seems appropriate.

English isn’t my first language so take the suggested name with a grain of salt, but Inclusions sounds at least halfway right. It should signify that what is going to be copied.

Although the original request was to be able to exclude things I think that including will be a better starting point then excluding. RFD is about copying files from A to B, having a way to select what to copy makes more sense to me then an option that wants to know what not to copy.

The current way the sections in the generation editor are set up seem very straight forward and I think this structure can/should also be used for this added functionality (a pull-down list of options). There’s already a predetermined list of extensions/formats present, which can be used.

Out of the box this option should be set to All, which is the current and sensible default.

At the top, separated by a line, add some grouped options (e.g.: All/RAWs only/ All audio/video/non-RAWs/…/…). Do make it so that only a single entry can be selected from this list.

Unlike the other options in this menu there will not be an Insert button. The inclusion that is chosen will be shown (same as the other options).

There is one thing that the above does not do: Multiple, individual extension (e.g.: only NEFs and JPGs). I personally think that this would be out-of-scope for what RFD is supposed to do and groups can handle all the logical/common scenarios. If I look at these groups are all but defined already to begin with.

I do realize that this setup does not give one the option to exclude one specific format, as was asked by AxelG, but I think that setting up appropriate groups will be more beneficial. Being able to have different configurations to copy your RAWs to location X, Other to Y and/or JPEGs to Z seems the more flexible thing.

To be honest I’m not even sure if you should include all the available individual formats, having a nice selection of groups should be enough.

I’ll include an image that would show a possible look, using a RAWs only group for this specific configuration:


The above is just an outline of what came to mind and, as stated before, I’m not a developer so I’m only partially capable of determining if this is feasible (I think it should be though). I’m sure I might have overlook something.

Anyway, just my 2c, but maybe this will give some food for thought and can be build upon.


My personal solution to this is to put in the work myself for making a well thought-through UI feature, but with the explicit caveat that if anyone has a suggested implementation that satisfies my taste as a UI designer, then it’ll get done faster instead of months or years down the line when I eventually come up with a good design myself.