Hubble palette from RGB image using pixelmath

Hi all - I’ve been messing around with pixelmath (awesome that this feature was added by the way) and have been trying to produce a Hubble Palette image with data from my OSC camera. I’ve gotten closest with this formula - suggestions on how to achieve more blue and gold as opposed to this yellow/light purple-ish result? R, G and B fits files available here if that’s needed as well.

Isn’t it working by simply assigning S-II, H-Alpha, O-III to R, G, B respectively? I don’t think anything else is needed. Histogram normalization or linear matching is required to give the input images the same approximate level of course.

That is one way to do it, but I don’t have Pixinsight or Photoshop so selective color adjustments after combining the channels is a bit more challenging. I was attempting to create a formula that would mimic the Hubble Palette without needing any subsequent adjustments. There are lots of discussions about doing this in Pixinsight but nothing specific to Siril that I could find.

There’s nothing here that you cannot do with siril. Have you taken a look at the RGB composition tutorial? It should help even if it’s not for the same palette, it’s just a question of putting the correct image in the correct color slot.

Just took a look, thanks. I still have no idea what I’m doing in terms of selecting the right colors to produce a Hubble Palette image but I was able to perform the linear match and open up each of the channels.