Hue of colors from RawTherapee with 90D seem wrong

Is your camera set to sRGB or adobergb… I think it’s the JPG hist you see on your camera… then in DT you need to change it to the the same. Then it still will only match for your JPG. The result you will see for raw is going to depend on what modules you have applied and the settings

Would you be able to upload an example?

First a happy new year and thank you for your suggestions.
I downloaded the example pictures again and put them into my camera to compare the settings again. As you can see, the color space is sRGB, so use I:

by the way, as I remember, the color space didn’t have such deep impact on the color saturation.
You also may see the black blob above left, this is the overlighted area.

Above is a (ugly) picture from mine. I take a screenshot where left is the canon jpg and on the right what darktable will make without massive correction. The missing color saturation is extremly on the red color, the red building is one of the airport firedeparments. The histogramm shows ab big gap on the x axis. cRAW file:
IMG_0129.CR3 (18.2 MB)