Hugin-2018.0.0 released

Changes since 2017.0.0

The version 2018.0 is mainly a bug fix release and introduce some minor new features.

  • Several improvements for optimizer tabs:
    mark deselected images
    allow changing optimizer variables for all selected images at once
    option to ignore line cp
  • hugin_stacker: New tool to stack overlapping images with several averaging modes (e.g. mean, median).
  • Hugin: Added option to disable auto-rotation of images in control point and mask editor.
  • Nona, verdandi and hugin_stacker can now write BigTIFF images (for files >4 GB). The output of BigTIFF has to manually activated on the command line. It is not set automatically. (For a complete panorama in BigTIFF you will probably also need enblend/enfuse from repository. The last released version of enblend does not yet support writing BigTIFF files.)
  • Added expression parser to GUI: This allows to manipulate several image variables at once. (This is the same as running pto_var --set from the command line.) This can be used e.g. to prealign the images in a given setup and then run cpfind --prealigned to search control points only in overlapping images.
  • Add user-defined assistant and expose it in the GUI. It allows to set up different assistant strategies without the need to recompiling. Provide also some examples (scanned images, multi-row panoramas with orphaned images, single-shot panorama cameras).

I backported Hugin 2018 for Debian Stretch. If someone else may find it useful, the packages are in

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