Hugin 2019.0.0 released

Hugin has released version 2019.0.0.
Added raw import: It converts the RAW images to TIFF using a raw converter. This can be done by dcraw (requires additional exiftool), RawTherapee or darktable. These programs needs to be installed externally.

I tried this new feature as follows:

I opened the following pictures
_MG_8069.CR2 (8.0 MB)
_MG_8066.CR2 (8.4 MB)
_MG_8061.CR2 (7.7 MB)

Hugin opened the following form

I chose darktable

Darktable converted images to tif and they opened to Huginin
I used hugin as usual _MG_8061 - _MG_8069.pto (7.3 KB)

I adjust the resulting panorama in darktable _MG_8061 - _MG_8069.tif.xmp (4.7 KB)

The experiment was successful.
I missed to be able to adjust RAWs before they convert to tif.
I have in darktable plugin hugin.lua. When I first open RAW-files in darktable, I can adjust images before converting them to tif and sending to Hugin.

The church in the picture is the church of Kaleva in Tampere Finland


Good post. Nice image.

Impressive image. Where can I find the darktable plugin for hugin?

Darktable lua-plugins are here

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Oh, thanks for that, I’ll have a look a those plugins :slight_smile:

I’ll be darned if I can figure out how to actually install those scripts though…

See the readme: lua-scripts/ at master · darktable-org/lua-scripts · GitHub

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Ah, thanks for that, I re-read the instructions, and actually managed to get it working this time :slight_smile: