Hugin and multiple GPU

I upgraded from GTX 1060 to RTX 2080. Is Hugin able to use both my cards? When I tried yesterday it only used RTX 2080.

I don’t think so. GPU support is still experimental, isn’t it?

I have no idea what it does and how to find out but I have a dual graphics system (Intel + Nvidia) and I noticed recently that Hugin is much faster than earlier. I start Hugin with “optirun hugin” as I use bumblebee in Linux. Without optirun I think hugin cannot even start on my system, it crashes.

Edit: Without GPU hugin used to need like 10 minutes for a panorama and now it needs 10 seconds or so, and I don’t even have fast GPUs.

It is.

10 seconds seems very fast. Just a few pictures stitched together?

Yes. Though I have to admit that I did not measure the time. Maybe it was not 10 but 20 oder 30 seconds but in any case it is much faster than without resp. with one Intel GPU. Basically it was just maybe like 4 photos that were stitched togther.

Explains the time. I normally stitch 12-50 ^^

75 Mpix downscaled from 225 Mpix.

Ok maybe I should also mention that I have installed the Intel Neo Opencl driver, and of course the Nvidia, too.