Hugin can't read metadata from CR3 files

I hope this forum is suitable for asking questions about Hugin. I am having problems with my CR3 files being skipped because the metadata for these files could not be read. Is there any workaround for this?


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Afaik, Hugin doesn’t work with raw files, it uses an external program to convert them to TIFF first. In such cases, I prefer to do the conversion myself, so I can control (limit…) the luminosity and colour differences between the separate images.

So the workaround would be to deal with the images in dt first, and export to an intermediate format (I prefer PNG, TIFF is of course an option as well, even jpeg works). Then import those intermediate files into Hugin.

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There’s actually a category Software|Hugin. Just type hugin into the category box, and it will be selected.


I tried to open CR3 files in Hugin and they wouldn’t open because the metadata could not be read. I am wondering if others have this problem or if CR3 files work for them.

Hugin is a software to combine (‘stitch’) multiple photos together, e.g. to create a panorama with a wide field of view.


CR3 is the raw file format of recent Canon cameras.

For someone who claims to be a “seasoned content writer”, your post sounds an awful lot like a spambot…

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