Hugin Enblend error

I am relatively new to Hugin and it was working fine but now it does not. I have several jpg images in a folder to merge into a panorama. When it comes to stitching, I save the pto file in the same folder as the images. PTBatcher GUI takes over and remans files saving them to a0001.tif, a0002.tif etc.
Then I see blending images…
embled : failed to open “a0001.tif” no such file or directory.

I do not know what happened, I suppose the tif files are saved somewhere but not in the same image folder as they used to…
Can anyone help please?

You need to figure out where the tifs are being saved. I believe the location can be found inside the PTO file, open it with notepad or similar.

I edited the preference file and put gpu to 0 and deleted all the file1= file2= files.
Now the tifs are saved to the local folder again…

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