I am a new, unexperienced user. Can you help me understand how to select figures with straight (not fuzzy) lines/borders?

When I use the Free Select Tool on GIMP 2.10.22 the lines become blurry and when I fill the selection with color using the Bucket Fill Tool, the color goes outside the borders, as well. I want to know how to select something (an item, for example, one vase in a picture of multiple vases with flowers) from an image and fill it with color (change its original color) and at the same time retain the original form of the thing (the vase). Is the problem in the resolution of the pictures I upload or perhaps their format? Or is it something I can fix in GIMP’s settings?

Hi Nade,
welcome to the forum. I wonder if you have feathering causing the problem in the selection tool. Shift + Q will show the selection and you should see a sharp edge unless you have applied feathering.

With the bucket fill tool have you selected the whole selection. The default is to fill similar colors.

I have booked marked the GIMP user manual and refer to it when I have problems or questions with the various tools. GNU Image Manipulation Program

Thank you for your reply! I have selected the same options. Yet, the lines are not straight enough, as if the pixels are too large. I have uploaded images with similar resolution in the past and there wasn’t any problem, I wonder what I’m doing wrong now. I will make sure to check the GIMP user manual. Thank you again!

If you can possibly share an image or a screenshot that may help. However, I am about to head to bed at the moment as I am in Australia. But, I will check the post tomorrow and possibly someone else might have some ideas. What is the resolution of the image or the area? A very small number of pixels may be the problem with trying to get a straight line or sharp edge.

It is normal to have a one-pixel wide line of semi-transparent pixels. This is due to anti-aliasing and is why the line appears sooth at 100% zoom (of course if you zoom in you see the pixels…). These pixels are very important for the final look, and you have to use a workflow that preserves them. See Background removal or replacement on text, logos and other computer graphics for some hints and tricks.

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The dimensions are 458 x 445, it is a small picture, indeed.

Thank you!

You both have helped me a lot!

Hi Nade,
is it possible to get back to the full size original image. If you do edits on that and then reduce image size you will get a much better result.