I am here to say "thank you"

ART is genial for color grading photographs. Using luts (i was missing the option of using multiple luts in Rawtherapee) with masks, and some new CTLs is just great. So thanks to the developer(s)!


Are there any videos or tutorials about how to use this technique in more details? I tried Fuji Provia 100F for some of my Spain photos and liked the new colors. Would be great to learn more.

If you upload some photos and tell us what you want to achieve, you will certainly get lots of tips and good suggestions here.

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Where can I ger ART for Ubuntu?


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good software

Compared to some other well known raw processor (and I’m not talking about RT :slight_smile: ) ART is so easy to get good results without all the drama. Many thanks to Alberto and RT developers to create the solid base.