I cannot update Darktable Style


I have a short question about editing or updating a Style within Darkatble. It won’t save the on/off status of one module. (it does save all the settings though)

See both screenshots:
The first one is the edit dialog from the Lighttable view. See how the module “Color Zones” is set to “off”. I cannot change that. As I understand, that should mirror the on/off status of the module for the selected photo?

The other screenshot is mad from the same selected photo in the Darkroom view. “Color Zones” is activated!

As mentioned above, I thought the edit-dialoge would mirror all the settings from the selcted image? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!


(I am running Darktable 3.8.1 on MacOS 11.6)

As far as I can see, I think you have to activate the “update” check box

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okay. that was embarrassing. You are right. somehow I overlooked that. maybe it was too obvious?
Sorry for spamming the forum - neverless, this made my day. ^^
Thank you @arturoisilvia

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