I can't import dng file in the latest version of Darktable

Hello, I take pictures with my Samsung S22 Ultra with a native Samsung app called Expert Raw and the files even have the same name as when I take pictures with the native smartphone app. But when I want to import to #Darktable I can only import the ones I take with the native app and not with expert raw. I tried confirming so that expert raw takes a bit more compressed pictures but still it doesn’t import them either.
When I convert these same pictures to dng with the Adobe converter, it does read them. The only changes I saw, besides changing the size, in the compression detail, is that in the converted ones it appears “decompressed”.
My question is if there is any darktable setting that I can modify so that I can upload these pictures directly without converting them.
Thank you very much! Regards

I don’t think the Samsung s23 ultra is a supported camera yet. Someone recently provided the images to add support for it. It will take some time to incorporate. Maybe for version 4.4 (July).

Thanks very much!

I got confused in the first post and there I corrected, my Samsung is the S22 ultra. Likewise
maybe that’s the problem since in lens correction I haven’t seen the samsung s22.

Do you know anything about the camera support for the s22 ultra?


Also see Camera support for ExpertRAW (Samsung S22 Ultra)? · Issue #403 · darktable-org/rawspeed · GitHub

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I am not sure if opening the image in the free Adobe DNG converter and resaving it would allow DT to process the image while you wait for camera support. I have often used the Adobe DNG converter to put unsupported raw files into programs including Lightroom and DT.

In her first post she said she is doing the Adobe dng process but wants to avoid it.

Just upgraded from a Galaxy 21 to and I have the same issue as Carla with my new Ultra 23 – DNG doesn’t work.

Is there any ETA on that support? Thanks much

If you cant run them trough Adobe DNG converter … which I think works if you are on windows… then you could try to experiment using this to process them for DT… Smartphone DNGs and lens shading

To clarify: the latest release of darktable says “Samsung Expert RAW DNGs” are not supported. In fact, neither are standard camera app “Pro mode” DNGs.

In both cases, Adobe Raw will convert to a DNG that darktable accepts. However, the initial exposure setting is so low I find it hard to compensate.

Support will be greatly appreciated!

Same sort of issues else where… RAW Photos from Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are dark when imported - General - Topaz Community

Using the file from that topaz thread and running it through Adobe… you are right it comes in quite dark but many raw files do…

Adding sufficient exposure and a quick edit with mostly standard module and it doesn’t come out too bad… maybe wb could use some work

The exposure problem seems to only occur for me with the EXPERT RAW app.