I can't open the pef (Pentax) image on Raw therapee

I installed Raw Therapee version 5.8 on my PC windows 8 and I can’t open the photos in PEF. ( pentax) Someone help ?

you might want to specify which camera that is.

Pentax * ist D

you can choose DNG as file format for your Pentax.
Or download the adobe DNG converter from adobe:


@Albeka While converting to dng may work, this is not a failsafe work around. If the camera is not supported, you may not get colors that look right, or a wrong crop, or…
In any case, please read this http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Adding_Support_for_New_Raw_Formats and if possible, provide the required shots in an issue on GitHub.


I will push a fix in a few minutes…

This should be fixed

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I go try Thanks

I went to see if I could make this change, but as my knowledge is short in this matter, I was not able. I ask if you can give me some tips.
I thank you in advance

Wait for the next nightly build

Should be something like