I can't view images on RT (Apple) M1

I have macOS Big Sur 11.5.2. I checked already and Rosetta 2 is installed (it already comes with the system) and I can’t view one single image, can someone tell me why I keep having this error? It doesn’t open the directories on my external memory nor any other pictures in the computer. I’ve checked other threads and other users on an M1 seem to work fine with RT. Please help me. Thx

Have you given RT permission to access the disk in GateKeeper?

It has access, apparently? In another thread I’ve got that RT doesn’t work with M1 Apple but there are other M1 users that can work with it. Could someone lead me to the next step?

WhatWhat are the file extension of your files? In the preferences there are a list of files to generate thumbnails for, make sure your file types are checked.

All of them are enabled

And you’ve double clicked the folder in RT’s file manager?

Where you put the arrow in your first image. Did you double click there?

Sorry, I was not seeing the question well. Yes, double clicked that one and also the desktop where I have images. It doesn’t show me anything.

Okay. Can you also show us (part of) the contents of the folder in Finder?

Someone else (in other forum) suggested to locate it in the finder and control click it to open it with RawTherapee and it works! It works a little different from my old Intel based computer, so I was expecting the same, double clicking it in RT to open it.nThank you so much for your answers. :heartpulse:

But, that is not a good solution, it’s an inconvenient workaroud… If I’m not mistaken, if you open files like this, you will not have access to the file browser in RawTherapee.
In any case, RawTherapee should be able to show you the files, but for some reason it doesn’t. I call that a bug fwiw.

@HIRAM Maybe you have any guesses?

PD. Now I can access the file browser I can double click and everything. It just couldn’t work before until opening through the finder for the first time. So it’s completely solved. Thank you so much! :heartpulse:

I wonder if the confusion is due to RT having two modes- one for editing a single file and one with the file browser?

I’m not sure. I was trying to work as I did in my old Intel based computer double clicking my disk and it just didn’t open anything, as if it was non-existent. The file browser wasn’t “active”.