I didn’t find the unistall option in the makefile

I have compiled and installed RawTherapee, I am satisfied with the result, but would like to uninstall it from :
And instead manage the coexistence of the Debian package version and the one I compiled by a symbolic link
I didn’t find the unistall option in the makefile
What are the things to do to reverse the installation?
I think that the install modified the xdg-open config and that it is not enough to delete /usr/local/bin/rawtherapee

make install simply copies the program files to the configured install directory. The inverse operation is just deleting the directory.

Since I’m the only one using locally compiled software on my machine, and I’m lazy, I just have them installed in subdirectories of my home, e.g. /home/kofa/darktable-madter. No root access needed.

You could install to /opt/name-of-software-package, and then it can be shared and removal is easy.

Alternatively, use the stow tool, that can create links under /usr/local, and can remove them, too. I haven’t used it in a long time.

If make install does not do any configuration
I just
rm -f /usr/local/bin/rawtherapee*

and in /home/benoit/bin
(bin is in my PATH)
ln -s …/RawTherapee/rawtherapee-build/rtgui/rawtherapee .

And it works

Often, software installed more than a single binary (library files, data files and so on). That surely is the case for darktable; I don’t know about RawTherapee.