I had one light crash SIRIL during an OSC processing script, is there a way to know which one?

I take short exposures and stack hundreds to a couple of thousand lights. I had one dataset where one light was causing SIRIL to crash during registration. I found the light by subdividing my data until I got down the to bad light. It turned out to be just noise with a few white dots that may have been mistaken as stars.

That took some time, so is there a way to know what lights SIRIL was working on when it crashed. Since it doesn’t process them in a linear fashion, I can’t tell my looking at the list of output files processed so far.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to find the faulty image first. Would you be able to send it to us, along with an image with stars of the same series, so we can make it not crash?

To know on which image it failed you could force it to save the log to a file, if you’re on windows you could use this bat script to start siril to have it, otherwise, just redirect the standard output to a file.

you can download this .bat file (right-click-> Save Target As…) and save it on your Desktop. You can then start Siril by double-clicking on its icon and avoid the problem.

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Yes, I can certainly share the image and a good image you can try to stack it against (which is what causes the crash). Below is the bad one (noted with “Bad” at the end) and a typical good one. These are very short exposures so very noisy. But the good ones all stacked just fine and produced a fine result.

3.27_2023-05-28_01-52-44_200_11_2.00s_3817Bad.fits (46.8 MB)

2.63_2023-05-27_22-36-44_200_22_2.00s_0028.fits (46.8 MB)

I would like to see the logs because I have no crashes. Even more, the frames are both registered.

It also didn’t crash for me when I didn’t have any bias or flats. Here are two bias files and two flats. It crashed running the OSC _Processing_WithoutDark script with these files, see if that crashes for you.

Bias frames:
_2023-05-28_06-09-36_200__0.00s_0936.fits (46.8 MB)
_2023-05-28_06-09-36_200__0.00s_0935.fits (46.8 MB)

Flat frames:
_2023-05-28_06-12-55_200__0.00s_0298.fits (46.8 MB)
_2023-05-28_06-12-56_200__0.00s_0299.fits (46.8 MB)

See if this crashes for you, if not, I’ll run it and learn to collect the log file for you.

Hi Steven,

thanks for the calibration files. I can indeed reproduce the crash. Working on a fix but it will probably not be included in the next RC. Will keep you posted. If you need assistance to run and capture the log, just tag me in this conversation.
Thx for the report!



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Good news, of sorts. As a product software developer myself, I know how difficult it can be to get errors from the field to reproduce back in the lab.

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