I have no Style

I am running 3.6 on Opensuse Tumbleweed and notice that the styles module is missing from Lightable. Anyone else experience this and have a fix for getting the module back?

Hi @Steven_Adler,
Do you compile darktable yourself?
Check if there are some problems with your Lua.

In a terminal type

darktable --version

What does it report?

Also, see here [the search function in this forum is quite friendly]:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Go to your darktablerc file and look for the line

It is probably set to FALSE and that’s why you can’t see the style module. Set it to TRUE, then start darktable and your styles module should be back

This is the second person to report this now though. It might be worth investigating how it got into this state.

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There is a script, AutoGrouper.lua, that would hide the module for some reason. I removed that section of the code in August so that it wouldn’t anymore. If people haven’t updated their lua scripts and are using that one, then that could be the problem. If it’s something else, then I’m not sure what’s causing it. I could write a quick lua script just to set it visible again if it continues to be a problem.


That worked. Great to have Styles again. Thank you!

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