I have written a script that performs brightness-weighted HDR compositing

I have developed a script that performs brightness-weighted HDR (High Dynamic Range) compositing on RGB images. It automatically brings up details in darker areas (e.g. nebulosity) by mixing in pixels from a longer exposure image and reduces saturation in brighter areas by mixing in pixels from a shorter exposure image. This work is done entirely within Siril relying on Pixelmath to perform the weighting.

So far I have only had a chance to test it on one image set but it worked well.

To run the script start with an empty directory (folder) and copy into it 3 images of the same target named short.fit, medium.fit and long.fit for short, medium and long exposure times, respectively.

So the question I have is who wants to try the script? And how do I get it out to people?

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Welcome to the forum @WAFlowers. Do share. Our community loves to try new things.

Welcome Bill.
The new way of sharing scripts, that will be available in siril 1.4, is to create a merge request on gitlab on this repo: FA / siril-scripts · GitLab (see the ‘contribution’ section).
If you do this, and we accept it, the script will be available to all siril users.

Thank you. I look forward to Siril 1.4
Until that is available I’ll look at manually creating a merge request to the repo.
I hope people find my script to be useful.

OK, I’ve submitted a merge request with my new script.


Hello. I have a request.
Do you have test images?

I have updated the MR with V2 of the script and also 3 test images of M42 being 60", 120" and 180" stacked images. I suspect better results would have been obtained with an even shorter exposure (maybe 30") and possibly an even longer exposure but I don’t have that data so I cannot say for sure.