I Shot Only Fujifilm Jpegs For Six Months

I spent the last six months shooting Fujifilm exclusively. Color jpegs only, with zero post processing. Everything straight out of camera.

I shot a baptism, a family portrait session and lots of street photography. Here are my conclusions - I will stop doing this.


If I understand correctly, your experiment changed two things about your shooting style:

  1. shoot in color,

  2. use the OOC JPG

You talk a lot about the first — it is a personal preference so if you like B&W better for artistic expression, it is reasonable that you go back to it.

But what about using a built-in B&W mode to get an OOC JPEG? Fuji has some great ones (like most camera manufacturers these days).

As you discuss, this would deprive you from some kinds of corrections in post-processing, but the advantage is the smaller file sizes and faster culling.

That’s a really interesting remark because it was a point I wanted to make in this video. It’s something I thought about when I thought about the subject in the video but forgot to write it down when I made my notes, so I subsequently forgot to talk about it.

I think it’s an important enough of a topic that it merrits it’s own video, perhaps this will be my next one, but I will just briefly say this: I seem to always prefer my processing to any of the b&w film sims I tried. That ties into my argument about cameras being dumb boxes of electronics, they never quite get it 100%. They always seem to be just about, nearly, almost therem but not quite.