I want to install ubuntu 5.9 and run cli

I want to install ubuntu Raw Therappy 5.9 and run cli

I do believe that Ubuntu hasn’t yet updated their native RawTherapee package (still on 5.8) this leaves you with the following 3 options:

  1. Compile and install RawTherapee yourself (described here on RawPedia: Linux),
  2. Use the AppImage. But… Out of the box rawtherapee-cli isn’t available. You need to extract the content of the RawTherapee AppImage. I mention how to do that right here in this topic here on Pixls: App image of rawtherapee-cli?
  3. Use the flatpak version and use the –command= option:
    $ flatpak run --command=rawtherapee-cli com.rawtherapee.RawTherapee

If you need any further help with either of those three, just ask :smile: