I would like to implement HDR tool in Siril

Hello everyone.
I would be very interested by the introduction of a HDR tool in Siril. HDR in astrophotography could be very interesting, especially during the workflow.
My point is I don’t want to reinvent the wheel because there’s a lot of software doing this, and doing this well (on this forum there is LuminanceHDR for example). And I have to admit I know nothing about HDR. So, my questions are:

  • Is there some library for HDR processing?
  • Or, could it be possible to build a software symbiosis between Siril and a HDR tool?

If some HDR devs are interested, that could be fun to do that.

I think it could be possible between Siril and HDRMerge:

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Oh thx. This is a software where @heckflosse write some code :).