ICC Profile Confusion

I have just stared using darktable and Gimp on Windows 8.1 I have some confusion regarding ICC profiles. There are several areas in Gimp where I guess I need to use the ICC profiles in order to properly print photos that I have edited in darktable.
Under EDIT in Preferences I see Color Management. Then I see Soft Proofing Profiles under Soft Proofing and CMYK profile under Preferred Profiles. I know I need to pick a CMYK profile for the Preferred but not sure about Soft Proofing Profiles.

Now, I have downloaded Adobe ICC profiles. Are these the profiles I need to pick from, and if so , how do I know which ones to use?

I’m using a Canon Pixma Pro-100 to print so I’m not sure if I need any type of profiles for that installed in Gimp or not.

Sorry about the lengthy question, but I’ve switched from film and this is all mew to me. Some of the videos I have watched are good as far as how to use the profiles in GIMP, but not too good about explaining the profiles themselves.

Thank you

If this printer has out of the box support for sRGB or Adobe RGB, I’d use one of those profiles.

You don’t need a CMYK profile.

Your softproof profile should be set to sRGB or Adobe RGB, which ever you end up choosing.

There are lots of questions/answers about that particular printer here:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

I’m not sure what came with the printer, but I know after looking at many videos, when printing photos using GIMP it appears that I need use CMYK profiles since that’s what the printer prints in. Supposedly that will give the best results.
Like I said, all new to me, so I’ll listen and try any suggestions. Now, if these profiles you mention are not highlighted when I pull down the menus, would you happen to know what directory they live in on the hard drive so I can find them?
Thank you.

Thank you for the information. I’ll look through it to see if it helps. Hope so!

I have also read that GIMP running on Windows is not the best application for printing. Is this correct? Is there another application better suited for printing photos? Right now I will edit in darktable and then export an image for some further editing in GIMP. I was hoping that I could print good images directly from GIMP